November 14-15, 2018Palais des congrès de MontréalMontréal, Québec

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  • Breakthroughs in Barrier Film Technology: How We Made Recyclable Standup Packaging Possible

    • Stacy Fields  |  Packaging Director - North America, The Dow Chemical Company
    Location:  Center Stage
    Theme: Plastics
    Vault Recording: TBD

    Consumers, brand owners and others in the value chain are demanding more recyclable packaging options
    RecycleReady™ Technology is a great example of bringing breakthrough chemistry and process technology together to meet market needs
    Using Dow's broad portfolio of PE resins, RecycleReady™ Technology enables the development of packaging with the convenience and features of typical multi-material, multi-layered pouches, flow wrappers, and barrier film with the added benefit of recyclability