November 14-15, 2018Palais des congrès de MontréalMontréal, Québec

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  • Understanding IFS PACsecure

    • Karen Leacock-Bingham  |  Senior Project Manager - Consulting and Technical Services, NSF International
    Location:  Center Stage
    Theme: Packaging
    Vault Recording: TBD

    The food industry strives for excellence and part of this process involves a strong audit program in order to minimize non-compliance. Many companies in the packaging sector are undertaking GFSI certification to ensure food safety and brand protection and secure new business opportunities. The IFS PACsecure Standard is a packaging material safety and quality Standard applicable to manufacturers of all kinds of primary and secondary packaging material and is recognized as the most comprehensive food safety standard for packaging materials in the world. This interactive session will provide you with a complete understanding of this Standard.